About Clayton

Origin and early growth

October 20, 1930, was not the most opportune time in history to establish a new company.

It took courage and determination in the face of the Great Depression to lay the groundwork for what was to become Clayton Manufacturing Company.

It also took the imagination of farsighted men to envision a market for a totally new product. That product was a steam cleaner, invented by Walter Kerrick and developed by founder, William Clayton, Sr.  The original management team, headed by Clayton with Kerrick as Chief Engineer and J. E.St. Clair as Secretary - Treasurer, was responsible for the evolution of this

unique machine into a line of steam cleaners that gained acceptance worldwide.

The success of the initial venture led to innovations and additional personnel. Plant Superintendent, E. M. “Pappy” Barrett, and Sales Manager, L. F. “Doc” Working, brought to the organization expertise in their respective fields. From established concepts, a series of industrial steam generators was developed under the inventive engineering guidance of Perry

Arant. These compact units employ the forced-circulation principle of steam generation and are capable of achieving significant fuel savings compared to conventional boilers.

Steam generators have been used in thousands of applications throughout the World. The International Sales activity, organized by Art Dayton, was an important factor in the early growth of the Company. Clayton products are now common in all industries using process steam, as well as in other heat transfer applications.


Today, we can take pride that the steam generators - introduced in our first decade- are not only still in production, but are even more significant in today’s energy-conscious world.


Continuing concern with energy-saving product design, coupled with the dedication of our employees to quality, has transformed Clayton from a modest beginning to worldwide recognition as a supplier of steam technology.

“A company is known by the

customers it keeps”


“Making steam is simple. Making steam

with maximum efficiency is Clayton’s




Innovative steam system solutions

The Clayton Steam generator is a highly efficient, safe, compact and flexible steam making machine that can start up from cold in five minutes.

The available standard sizes are from 100 kW to 20MW with pressures up to 200 barg. The Clayton Superheated Steam generator has a maximum steam outlet temperature of 460 degrees centigrade. Clayton standard and custom designed steam systems can be supplied as a

fully operational plant.

The Clayton Heat Recovery Boilers are a compact and efficient means of producing steam from the waste gases of diesel engines, small gas turbines, incinerators, glass furnaces, enamel ovens, stress relieving ovens and many other applications.           


Clayton customers

The technical benefits of Clayton Steam systems are second to none and a very large number of the world’s forward looking companies and institutions that use steam in their production or processes already operate Clayton Steam systems. Clayton customers include manufacturing companies, dairies, pharmaceutical companies, beverage companies, power stations, petrochemical companies, hospitals, shipping companies, aerospace, chemicals, textiles, automotive, electronics, food, horticultural, metal treatment, converting and many more.